Journalist who called chairman that took Success Adegor to beer parlor gets death threats

Journalist who called chairman that took Success Adegor to beer parlor gets death threats

Remember Fejiro Oliver ? the journalist who called out the chairman of Sapele Local Government in Delta state, Eugene Inoaghan, for taking Success Adegor to a beer parlor, says he’s being threatened.

Fejiro Oliver has now given an update in which he says he has been receiving threatening calls since his post went viral.

Update: Life under threat because of Success Adegor post
This afternoon, I made a harmless post about Success Adegor of the “no
be say I no go pay viral story” on how she was spotted in a beer

Now, perception is key in everything. I called for the
suspension of the Sapele LGA Council boss, Mr Eugene, for carrying
success and staying with him where him and his friends were gulping
alcohol. On the table are bottles of alcohol and cans of beer. For
heaven’s sake, why must the little girl be introduced to that?

The post has since gone viral.
I have received countless calls over the issue and given my words to some concerned persons on what they asked.
This evening, at exactly 7:25pm a number 09029287265 called me after I
missed a call from that same number by 6:50pm, the voice at the
background identified himself as Samuel and demanded to know if I’m
Fejiro Oliver. I asked for his full name and he went ballistic.

young man threatened that for writing against his boss on my wall, they
will find me all over Nigeria and deal with as well as hack my facebook
“I will hack your number and we will track you anywhere in Nigeria”.

has just spoken the mind of the Council Chairman. I kept quiet and he
ended the call. He called back again and began to rant before handing
the phone to a lady who identified herself as Barrister Gloria who also
poured out venom on my person, saying I want to destroy the man.
has been in office for almost two years and I have not investigated him
despite the complaints from the council staff. How then am I destroying

This is to Eugene, Samuel, Gloria and all their clique, the
governor will not only hear this but I will take it up to the highest
Eugene whom we elected as a local government chairman has
recruited thugs to hunt me. He should honorably quit that seat or be
suspended by the House of Assembly to join the thug business.
This battle go over you. This will not be the end of it.
© F.O (God’s Pen of Morality ?)

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