See Why Nigerians Call Fools Dundee United

See Why Nigerians Call Fools Dundee United

Ever wondered Nigerians Refer Fools as Dundee United? The reason is simple according to the research

Jeossyjs gathered that It was in the 1970’s when Dundee United decides to visit Nigeria for their pre-season tour.
However they lost all their matches to local clubs in Nigeria (including 4:1 loss to Stationary Stores) among others.

was at a time when Nigeria football was still growing, having never won
the Nations Cup or even qualified for the World Cup.

This made
Nigerians look at the Dundee Football a Club as fools, having come from
Europe, play the champions league and have top players but still can’t
manage a win among Local clubs with little or no facilities.

Ever since then, anybody that does something weird or unbelievable is regarded as a Dundee or Dundee United

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