Anambra State House of Assembly bans expensive funerals

Anambra State House of Assembly bans expensive funerals

bill to control excessive burial and funeral ceremonial activities in
Anambra State has been passed by the state House of Assembly.

just passed bill provides that in the event of death, no person shall
deposit any corpse in the mortuary or any place beyond two months from
the day of the death.

bill also noted that from the commencement of the law, no person shall
subject any relation of the deceased person to a mourning period of more
than one week from the date of burial ceremony.

from the number of days recommended for burial ceremonies, the bill
equally frowns on other flamboyant means of celebration that may cause
destruction of property, gunshots, praise-singing, blocking of roads and
streets during burial ceremonies; it also states that defaulters shall
be punished in accordance with the law.

further states that burial ceremonies in the state shall be for one
day. The bill further stipulates that during burial and funeral
ceremonial activities, the family of the deceased shall provide
entertainment for their kindred, relatives and other sympathizers at
their own discretion.

further on the signifance of the  bill, Charles Ezeani, the sponsor of
the bill who represents Anaocha 2 Constituency, maintained that the bill
also made provision for a monitoring and implementation committee that
would enforce the law as well as their responsibilities.

lawmaker described  the bill as “an important and great achievement by
the 6th Anambra Assembly”, as it had put to rest the high cost of burial
and funeral activities in the state.

Maduagwu, Speaker of the Assembly, commended the lawmakers on the quick
passage of the bill, saying it would “moderate burial expenses in the

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