“Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution can never give us peace” – Adeyeye

“Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution can never give us peace”  – Adeyeye

Osun State Senator, Olusola Adeyeye has stated that the Nigerian constitution can never give us peace, progress and unity as needed in the country.

Speaking during plenary at the red chamber, Senator Olusola Adeyeye blamed the constitution for the incessant killings going on in Zamfara State.

truth is whatever a man sows, so he will reap. The Constitution cannot
give us peace and security. The official name of this country is the
Federal Republic of Nigeria, but we do not operate under a true
federalist system”, he said.

The senator also slammed his colleagues for failing to speak up against the evil which the Nigerian constitution stands for.

failed to federalize the police system in this Senate because we lack
the courage and tenacity to start what is making other nations
work. ”Every crime is local and the solution to every crime is local. We
must revisit the revenue formula in order to ensure that we give more
funding to the state”, he added.

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