I’m very easy to maintain provided you are rich – OAP Honeypot

I’m very easy to maintain provided you are rich – OAP Honeypot

Popular OAP, Honeypot has just stated in a new interview that she is very easy to maintain if whoever is seeking to date her is wealthy.

The popular co-host of ‘Entertainment Splash’ on Television Continental (TVC), also revealed that her controversial name Honeypot was given to her by God, she told Vanguard;

get this question every time and perhaps one of the reasons I love the
name Honeypot is, because people raise eye brows whenever they hear it
and they remember anytime they see me. I have said it like one million
times and I’m saying this again “God gave me the name ‘Honeypot’”.


OAP Honeypot who further disclosed that rich prospects will surely
bring out the best in her as it is not a difficult thing to maintain
her as a sweet partner.

She said;

don’t know how easy it will be to answer this question. I think it
depends on the individual, to me, it’s Showbiz, I do TV and TV is like
95% glamour, you have to look good at all time.

I am easy to
maintain if you are rich, just make sure I’m driving beautiful cars, I
change cloths every time, I get to spend money every time, money is
good, you can agree with me that it makes the world go round, right?

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