Prostitution is paid rape, says Feminist Laila Mickelwait

Prostitution is paid rape, says Feminist Laila Mickelwait

A feminist identified as Laila Mickelwait has written that prostitution is paid rape and that most sex workers would rather they walked away with the money if they were given the choice.

According to the woman in her argument, unwanted sex is rape and it is obvious most sex workers engage in the act for the money and not really for the sex – which classified the sex they have with clients as unwanted sex.

But for the fact that they are being paid for it, then in her opinion prostitution is paid rape

She wrote:

If you tell a prostituted woman: “You have two choices: you can either take the money & leave or you can take the money & stay for the sex.” How many are going to stay for the sex? 0. They don’t want the sex, they want the money. Unwanted sex is rape. Prostitution is paid rape.

There are many things people do that they don’t want to do, but there is something inherently traumatizing about unwanted sex that makes it worthy of a name— “rape”. Rape causes PTSD, requires dissociation to survive & is a violation of the body, mind and soul.That is the point.

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